Tomorrow by Luc Yong


“I am exploring and responding to the idea of ‘Transformation‘. I have chosen this idea based on various meanings of the word; a marked change in form, nature or appearance /  a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal. This is highly relevant to the current situation I am experiencing since the outbreak of COVID-19, needing to adapt to sudden and drastic changes with my perspectives; a world where the most natural human instinct to connect or show affection by physical touch has to be reversed.

I have written a short story, based on my relationship that began a few days before the lockdown was announced in Victoria. As the world spun quicker, with changes that occurred daily, we made a quick decision to move in together, right before the lockdown. The circumstances of the pandemic have sped up our relationship. We had to think and act in ways that we normally wouldn’t have, choosing to be with each other over uncertainty, transforming our logic and beliefs in these challenging times. As our lives continue together, we imagine what is possible, beyond what we are going through, transforming as individuals and also as two in our relationship.”

Tomorrow by Luc Yong

Luc Yong is a potter, writer, musician and painter. As a lifelong writer, she has published a zine, documenting her experiences and imagination of pottery as a way of life. The zine has been a part of Midsumma Festival 2020’s “Queer Zine & Art Fair” and “The Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2020”.

She has been a practicing potter for a couple of years with Carlton Arts Centre Pottery School, and has recently had a group exhibition alongside resident artists and students in December 2019. A series of her work has also been exhibited at the “Seoul Handmade Fair” in South Korea, May 2019.

As a musician, she has performed in Darwin Festival, Darwin Fringe Festival and Mahbilil Festival in Kakadu. She believes the different mediums of artistic expression in her life are interrelated. They fuel each other and continue to inspire and motivate her, to create and express her work in ever-evolving ways.

Instagram: @lucslikeit

Image credit: Luc Yong. Photo by Alexis D.Lea Photography.

Tomorrow by Luc Yong is created for Shelter 2020.

Image credit: Luc Yong. Photo by Alexis D.Lea Photography.

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