The Spirit of Time by Daniel Seifu

Artist Statement

“I have created an audio instrumental music piece called, The Spirit of Time.

It’s about the idea of how time is important for creativity. However, creativity is inspired by nature and the people around us. Also we need more free time to just think naturally and powerfully. I want my song to explore the struggle of these two emotions and how we can adapt to the atmosphere and stay creative.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Shelter project, as it has motivated me to stay creative in these difficult times.”

The Spirit of Time by Daniel Seifu

Music Credit:
Daniel Seifu – Piano, Music Composition and Production
Chris Frangou – Bass
Jack McCarthy – Guitar


Daniel Seifu is a professionally trained Ethiopian jazz, traditional and contemporary musician graduated from the Yared School of Music in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. Before arriving in Australia in 2007, he was a resident musician, composer, arranger and teacher at the Ethiopian National Theatre. He has produced and performed in a number of initiatives in collaboration with Arts Centre Melbourne, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC), and City of Melbourne. He is passionate about bringing Ethiopian culture to the wider community through music, performance, events, and connection with local businesses.

Daniel is the founder and band leader of Ethio Jazz ensemble JAzmaris, He was a proud support musician and artistic curator for the music projects of the legendary Ethiopian legend performers, Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayhu Eshete and Ali Birra on their Australian tour performing at the Arts Centre Melbourne and the MONA FOMA festival in Hobart.

Facebook: JAzmaris

Image credit: Daniel Seifu. Photo by Samson kebede /ESCFV/.

The Spirit of Time by Daniel Seifu is created for Shelter 2020.

Featured Image 
Daniel Seifu. Photo by Samson kebede /ESCFV/.