The Beauty of Verticality

by Jennifer Cheung


“Verticality plays a fundamental role in arts, architecture, or even humanity. This piece is expressing how urban design for high-density environments affect the meaning of urban space through the current trends and challenges in urban development.

In the contemporary world, public urban space becomes valuable and contested merchandise in a super dense, complex, and vigorous urban condition. Most of the Asian cities, such as Hong Kong are having a rapid revolution of the urban transformations due to the rapid constructions and population densification, as well as the intricacy of urban living conditions. Today, many spectacular skyscrapers are emerging in cities to create new landmarks that evoke the aesthetic of verticality.”

The Beauty of Verticality by Jennifer Cheung

(binaural, please use headset for 3D effect)

Jennifer Cheung – Digital Drawing and Video Production
Kevin Luce – Sound Effects

Image credit: Jennifer Cheung, courtesy the artist.

ABOUT Jennifer Cheung

Jennifer Cheung is a Canadian-born Chinese young architect-to-be based in Hong Kong. She studied in the UK for 11 years and completed both bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture.

With a multicultural background, her works usually show in an intercultural dimension. She is passionate about the details of traditional architecture. She believes that the Classical Architecture often contains particularly interesting and exotic features in rhythms, proportions, and decorations, which should not be neglected in the contemporary world.

Also, she is obsessed with exploring a new architectural language based on the relationship between the humanities and details that she observed from buildings and interior space.

Instagram: @jenc_arch

The Beauty of Verticality by Jennifer Cheung is presented as part of ToA Connect and Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Featured image credit: The Beauty Of Verticality by Jennifer Cheung.