Stages in Isolation by Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel


“Time in isolation has deeply affected our internal spaces and the usual nature of sleep. Some of us are sleeping through almost entire days while others are not sleeping at all. Reality is even more difficult to grasp now. Sometimes I will awaken after dreaming of people who are no longer in my life, with only the physical markers of their absence to remind me of what is real. I was inspired to create this work from my sleepscape to yours, to create a new space of being together in even the most isolating of times. To build new, communal realities.

My most vivid of dreams have been recounted in this ‘artist book’ of stories, letters, and exchanges, where I (attempt to) engage with the “real” world, even though I have yet to fully wake. The writing traverses various orientations and sometimes bleeds into one other, blurring the events happening within my mind and outside of it. The nested nature of the texts reflective of my own state of mental limbo.

If you are likewise feeling lost and are having your reality questioned, I hope that you might join me, and that sharing this space with somebody else may also help you somehow.”

(Live readings of the texts will be held every Saturday at 8pm at @beatricefrgabriel as a Live Video from Instagram, from 12 September 2020 for 5 weeks.)

Stages in Isolation (Of Dreaming and Grief)
by Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel

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About Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel

Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel is an independent curator, writer and performance artist based in Naarm/Melbourne.

She finished a BA in Art History and Theory alongside a BFA from Monash University and received the BAHCxMUMA Curatorial Award at the MADANOW19 Exhibition. Alongside this, she has also exhibited in SALUHAN: Pearl Diving Report, Quezon City (2019) and Unpacking Hysteria, Prato (2018).

Her performances and experimental texts are an attempt to understand the self through language and community – and to return home, wherever home may be. Exploring ideas of dislocation, she examines the relationship of space to the diasporic identity and imagines new systems built upon care and solidarity.

The former artistic director of Intermission Gallery, she is now researching Resistance Aesthetics and engaging the Baybayin script as a gateway for cultural understanding and reconnection, through mark-making and performance. Writing, here, is artform. Centering around a collaborative and experimental practice, she has curated projects that aim to challenge current curatorial and Euro-centric modes of curating, and experiments with writing as artform.

Her curated projects include /dis/location, MPavilion (2019); The Art of Consumption and TheAnswersYouNeedAreRightWhereYouAre,, Intermission Gallery (2019) and Revisiting the Quadriennale, CareOf Facility (2018).
Instagram: @beatricefrgabriel 

Image Credit: Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel. Photo by Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel.

Stages in Isolation by Bea Rubio-Gabriel is created for Shelter 2020.

Image Credit: Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel. Photo by Beatrice Rubio-Gabriel.