Shakilla Naveed | Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Shakilla Naveed is a Shepparton based Afghani homemaker and Uniting Care Bicultural Worker. She is excited to be part of the Shepparton Culture Kitchen Creative Team and to show and tell everyone what food means in her culture.

Shakilla says, “We love food in my culture! We like to eat with everyone and not on our own. Back in my country we women stay home and the men work. We prepare the food and everything for our families. Here it is different and one thing I would like to change about me is my ability to continue to do my mother duties but be educated and work, like other women I know here.

This project means a lot to me as it promotes all the different cultures that we find in our beautiful Shepparton. It enables people to share their food culture to others so that people might get some idea of different countries’ healthy and nutritious foods and the way we prepare it. I personally feel great to be part of this important project and I believe that our multicultural Shepparton city needs such amazing projects to be aware of different food cultures.”


Shepparton Culture Kitchen is a new project co-produced by MAV and Greater Shepparton City Council, to explore the diverse food cultures of Shepparton’s diaspora communities and the vital role they play in addressing issues of health inequity and disadvantage facing the region.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen is proudly supported by VicHealth, Greater Shepparton City Council, Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria.

Image credit: Shakilla Naveed. Courtesy Shakilla Naveed.