Samira Ali Musa

Flemington Sisters

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Photos by Deshani Berhardt (Wild Hardt).


Sound design and editing by POOKIE.

“My name is Samira Ali. Home is in Sudan and now in Flemington since 2000. I speak Arabic and Tigray. Australia is a nice country and we have a good life.

I wanted to be part of Shelter 2 because I like to share my culture and want people to learn about my culture and maybe try our food.

I wasn’t scared of the hard lockdown. Actually it was good for me because I cleaned my house, I had time to cook the food I like to eat and had time to discuss some important family business with my children. I stayed connected with my friends during the lockdown through our Whatsapp group so it was okay.”

Samira Ali Musa has shared her story as part of the Flemington Sisters project for Shelter 2.

Shelter 2 is proudly supported by VicHealth, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts.