Visible 4

Visible 4


Visible 4 CD

This 4th Volume of our Visible series showcases awesome local talent featuring FRESH artists First Verse and Alter Egoz and 4DS led by talented young MC /producer Momo aka Mohamed Komba(Diafrix).

In 2009, Visible linked in Victoria over 50 musicians from newly arrived African communities with each other and with established professionals from the local music industry, in a unique mentorship and creative development program.

The musicians and mentors worked collaboratively to produce innovative and contemporary expressions of their respective cultures.

As well as creating new music, they explored their diverse cultural heritages by reinterpreting popular and traditional songs.

Many of the artists will continue collaborations with each other and with their mentors beyond the scope of the project, and some are on their way to achieving successes they had only dreamed of.