Visible 11

Visible 11


by Multicultural Arts Victoria
In 2017, Multicultural Arts Victoria’s (MAV) Visible Music Mentoring Program celebrates twelve years of providing a platform for musicians and artists from diverse backgrounds in to the music industry.
Visible links new artists/emerging musicians with established producers, musicians and industry representatives to open pathways and networks in to the music industry. In many cases both mentor and mentee are learners, as the project offers an opportunity for both to enrich their practice through the exchange of culturally diverse musical styles, rhythms and sounds.
The program provides skills development, such as mentoring in song writing and web presence, while strengthening portfolio and promotional materials equipping artists with a professionally recorded track, electronic press kit and high quality press shots. Performance skills are enhanced throughout the year through opportunities such as the Emerge Festival series and other Multicultural Arts Victoria produced events and performances generated through our artist agency.
MAV, the only organisation of its kind in Victoria, provides opportunities and support structures for artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as offering culturally diverse art to the public at large. MAV established the Emerge Cultural Network to increase the access, participation and ‘visibility’ of new and emerging refugee communities in the arts. The Visible project in 2017 has been funded by The Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria.


released July 4, 2017

PRODUCED BY: Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV)
COORDINATED BY: Joel Ma and Jess Fairfax
MAV TEAM: Jill Morgan, Andy Miller, Hung Nguyen, Katrina Lin, Anita Larkin, Meg Larkin, Deshani Berhardt, Frejya Mcfairlane, Billy Keleher, Miriam Abud, Lella Cariddi, Sukhjit Khalsa,
PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Michelle Grace Hunder and Deshani Berhadt
MASTERED BY: Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering
BIOS WRITTEN BY: Cooper Lily Nikora
DESIGN BY: Ayspire Design