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See the likes of ARIA award winning maestro Nicky Bomba take the stage with Sudan Azza. Featuring a talented lineup of musicians hailing from Omdurman – the cultural Mecca of Sudan in North East Africa – Sudan Azza capture the essence of a rich Sudanese cultural heritage with the characteristically sweet music of the Horn of Africa.

Let your notions of African music be seriously challenged as local rising hip hop stars hailing from East Africa and the Carribean, Diafrix, take the stage with Jali Buba Kuyateh – Melbourne’s best kept secret yet. Coming from one of Senegambia’s most famous griot (hereditary musician) family, the Kuyateh family of Medina Wandifa in Gambia, Jali will have you on the edge of your seat with his extraordinary vocals and kora (21 string African harp)

Sudanese songstress Ajak Kwai, with her soulful and distinctly sub Saharan voice expresses heartfelt songs of love and hope for her war torn homeland and deeply philosophical and global concerns. Then be uplifted and let your spirits soar with the Sudanese Catholic Choir – a 25 strong choir of men and women singing African gospel songs.

South Sudan Musica will explode onto stage with Melbourne’s star of soukous, King Bell. South Sudan Musica are the largest and only all African soukous band in Australia. Soukous comes from the French word for “shake,” and that’s exactly what this band makes you want to do!

This high energy extravaganza of African music is threaded with Indigenous culture and spellbinding performances from many of our key Black Harmony Gathering artists including a traditional Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony and performances by Richard Frankland, Monica Weightman, Joel Ma (TZU), Koori Youth Will Shake Spears, Dave Arden and more.