ReMastered Myths Vol.1

ReMastered Myths Vol.1


After the success of the 2014 ReMastered Myths collaborations, premiered as part of the Emerge Festival, Multicultural Arts Victoria were adamant not to let these new-born musical creations be put to rest. The collaborating artists hit the studio, under the guidance of producer Myles Mumford, to lay down their compositions as ongoing evidence of the magic produced when musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds get together and jam.

ReMastered Myths aims to disintegrate the gap between differing music scenes and communities within Melbourne. It brings together contemporary producers and traditional musicians, community cultural groups and established bands, interweaving genres, rhythms and styles as a means to musically challenge the artists and open them up for exposure to new audiences and opportunities.

ReMastered Myths knits together artistic networks, bringing together those whose paths may never had crossed before, to form a colourful and ever-evolving tapestry of music that represents the diverse demographic Melbourne is blessed with.

Common Ground Collective X Cazeaux O.S.L.O

Common Ground is a project conceived by L-FRESH the LION to bring together people from Melbourne’s Sikh and Muslim communities onto a common ground through a series of poetry and spoken word workshops. These workshops have now grown into a collective of talented poets, who have collaborated with Californian-born beat maker and emcee Cazeaux O.S.L.O to create sound-scapes to accompany their poems.

Amin Payne X Mehr Ensemble

Born in Iran, before moving to New Zealand at the age of 12, then to Melbourne in 2009, Amin Payne grew up listening to his father records, introducing him to Persian musical motifs, mainly through the form of Iranian pop music. His own musical adventures, although having sampled some of these records, have however mainly taken on the form of smooth Hip Hop and 80s synth based future funk beats. This collaboration with traditional Persian styles and live musicians is a first for Amin. The incorporation of the drum machine into the music is also a first for the Mehr Ensemble who performs original compositions within the Radif tradition of classical Persian music, while also drawing inspiration from the diverse regional music of Iran and neighbouring regions such as Kurdistan and Azerbaijan. In the fashion of authentic Persian music, Mehr takes its aesthetic direction from classical Persian poetry, especially that of Mawlana Rumi which you will hear through the vocals of Mehdi Mizraei.


released October 16, 2014