My COVID-19 Diary by Valentina Serebrennikova


“I explored the ‘As doors close, hearts open’ idea. As an Artist with a bouquet of emotional traumas and crises: mid age dilemma, immigrants’ homesickness and loneliness; at the beginning of COVID-19 I started my diary, where I wrote down, by text and visual sketches, my current emotions, thoughts and fears. I wanted to FIX and explore my mental states Before and After the most critical phase of self-isolation, and how its reflecting on pandemic being.

Analysing it now, I see it as a self-sustained piece with extraordinary self-discoveries. As a paradox, synchronised lostness and co-existence in new circumstances shows me that I am not alone. Experiencing the breath of my community, knowing that we are ALL are dealing with that, helped me recover and reimagine my future life.

My diary is an open door to my inner shelter, where new reality is perceived and transformed into a unique art form. Based on it I produced a series of images ‘MY COVID-19 DIARY’ . It is a visual journey through uncertainties; the homecoming path to inner self, an odyssey in search of self-confidence, love, meanings and peace. I believe that it will help people to open their hearts and heal together.”

My COVID-19 Diary
by Valentina Serebrennikova

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All above artworks by Valentina Serebrennikova.

About Valentina Serebrennikova

Valentina Serebrennikova is an established Russian-born Artist, with a broad spectrum of practices, including; Production and Costume Design, Fine Art, and Visual Dramaturgy. With her past experience of collaboration with international and multicultural creators, she has explored her potential as an intercultural bridge and tries to enrich the Victorian art fields.

Her rich portfolio includes film, music videos, theatre shows, dance works and illustrations. She has worked across the world (Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Russia) on various productions – from Fringe shows for the local community to big film and theatre projects.

Valentina has 13 years of training in Art college, Design and Theatre Academies in Russia, as well as Melbourne University (Master of production Design for Screen course graduated with honor) where she gains herself as a real professional.
Instagram: @valentinaserebrennikova

Image credit: Artwork by Valentina Serebrennikova.

My COVID-19 Diary by Valentina Serebrennikova is created for Shelter 2020.

Featured image credit: Artwork by Valentina Serebrennikova.