LOVECORE by Margot Tanjutco


“LOVECORE is dead behind the eyes and trying to cheer itself up. This piece is a video collage of my own writing, found/archival footage, gifs, and music.

LOVECORE is the tension between individual and capitalism diffused into a floral body mist (expired).

LOVECORE is the pockets of imagined escape, yearning, and performative blasé I experienced in iso. It’s being trapped at home, working full-time, and being a little spiteful, as a treat.

LOVECORE is defined in the Aesthetics Wiki as “an aesthetic based on the visual culture of manufactured romance & affection”. It reminds me of our attempts to see and be seen. How in quarantine, a new voice emerged: one enlightened, soft, and almost menacingly tender.


LOVECORE by Margot Tanjutco

Content warning: mild swearing

About Margot Tanjutco

Margot is a writer, performer, and multidisciplinary artist. She was most recently the Associate Director for Benjamin Law’s play Torch The Place (Melbourne Theatre Company).

She also finished a season of her solo show Vanity Fair Enough at The Coopers Malthouse for Melbourne International Comedy Festival and MAV’s Mapping Melbourne in 2019.

Her art has been showcased at First Site Gallery and the Chinese Museum.

Her other writings have been featured in ABC’s The Mix and Stop Everything!, The Wheeler Centre, and SBS Voices.
Instagram: @margotxmargot

LOVECORE by Margot Tanjutco is created for Shelter 2020.

Image credit: LOVECORE still. Courtesy Margot Tanjutco.