Love Letter for Turkish Delights by Jonathan Homsey


Love Letter for Turkish Delights is a 15-minute audiobook dedicated to the buoyant texture of this sweet delicacy. Inspired by research across two continents, this project uses the atmosphere of Richard Mercer’s Love Song Dedications, somatic and street dance along with mindfulness to invite people to find the air within their body and space within the thinking mind. To find this air I use the metaphor and the experience of eating a Turkish Delight.

During COVID-19, I want to make people feel good and remind them of the autonomy over their choices and pleasure. I use this poetry to create participatory narrative-based choreographic instructions. The purpose is to remind and invite people to move and use their imagination. People are feeling stifled during COVID-19, this project aims to reinvigorate people’s imaginations and recenter people back into their breath and feel as sweet as a Turkish Delight.”

Love Letter for Turkish Delights by Jonathan Homsey

Background music: Injoy
Recording session provided by Melbourne Theatre Company

About Jonathan Homsey

Jonathan Homsey is an arts maker and manager interested in the intersection of street dance, visual art, and social engagement. He has a passion for community outreach using the moving body as a source of empowerment. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States of America, he immigrated to Australia in 2010 where his award-winning choreographic practice has evolved from a theatrical context to interdisciplinary installations across Australasia and Japan.

He is also passionate as a curator who has worked with institutions from Melbourne Museum to Footscray Community Arts Centre. Working with mediums from ceramics to augmented reality, Jonathan’s choreographic practice uses street and queer dance movement to inform his works that explore utopian worlds and emotional connection. Currently, in these uncertain times, Jonathan is passionate about providing intimacy through technology and to remind viewers that they have autonomy over their body and their choices.

Instagram: @johnnybgood.e

Image credit: Jonathan Homsey. Photo by Shannon May Powell.

Love Letter for Turkish Delights by Jonathan Homsey is created for Shelter 2020.

Image credit: Body Breeze – Turkish Delight and Pomegranate Molasses. Photo by Shannon May Powell.