Little Ember by DollFace (Benji Miu)


‘Little Ember’, is a true story by DollFace.

“A love letter. To a middle-class childhood. Late ‘80’s. Pop! Pop from Asia, wow. Playing in the fragrant, Chinese Restaurant. The one that the family once had. Pop from Asia. On repeat. Cassettes. Later: CD’s. Friends came. Nice folks in kitchen. Mum and Auntie look pretty. Traditional dresses. Black trimmed with red and gold. Then one night. A flame extinguished. Quite suddenly. So suddenly. So, the years pass.”

Little Ember by DollFace
About DollFace (Benji Miu)

Performing as DollFace, Benji Miu is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a lover of all musical instruments, acoustic and electronic.

With a career spanning 15 years, he performs professionally globally, appearing at festivals and venues. Working with traditional instrumentation as a session musician, he mixes these colours and techniques with electronic samples and methods, appearing finally as a trained ‘electronic musician’.

In recent years, he has widened his sonic palette and performed as a sound designer, notably at the SWELL Arts Festival. Here, he created an art/audio installation using various digital instruments and curiosities.

He is also passionate about music education and accessibility, working closely with music therapists – introducing instruments and electronic gadgets that make incredible sounds via touch, movement, voice-command and other unusual methods so that the act of making music becomes more inclusive for all.

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Instagram: @dollfacelive

Image credit: DollFace at the Espy. Photograph by Rassic Photography.

Little Ember by DollFace (Benji Miu) is created for Shelter 2020.

Image credit: DollFace at the Espy. Photograph by Rassic Photography.