Ivete Muhimpundu | Shepparton Culture Kitchen

The Shepparton Culture Kitchen is all about exploring the diverse foods of diaspora communities in Shepparton, about sharing knowledge and cultural exchange between women. For young Burundian Congolese mother Ivete Muhimpundu the project taps right into her passions.

“Food is something I love to cook and try. In my culture we cook very differently and the way they do it in my culture is so different to the way that I do it, and I know when I feel like something from home I have to ask my Mum to show me how to do it the ‘right way’.

I am excited about this project because it is something that I am doing for me and for others like me. I am a really shy person but I love food and I am hoping to gain more confidence in being part of this project. I’m so excited to be a part of a project that brings people together through different traditional foods and it’s going to be amazing to see how far this project can go and how great it is for people to try new dishes they’ve never tried before.

Shepparton is a multicultural place and is the best place for this project because everyone that’s a part of this project all come from different backgrounds and we all bring different authentic flavour to the table and this would be a great opportunity for people to try food from other cultures.”

Shepparton Culture Kitchen is a new project co-produced by MAV and Greater Shepparton City Council, to explore the diverse food cultures of Shepparton’s diaspora communities and the vital role they play in addressing issues of health inequity and disadvantage facing the region.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen is proudly supported by VicHealth, Greater Shepparton City Council, Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria.

Image credit: Ivete Muhimpundu. Courtesy Ivete Muhimpundu.