Home(s) by Mimo Mukii

Artist Statement

““Home(s)” is a response to the idea of reimagining home, and it explores the notion of feeling a sense of home in multiple places and with multiple people. Home as I experience it is physical, digital, singular, plural, abstract, concrete, in myself, and in others.

I began the process of creating this work by compiling archival material from my own collection of work and documentation that represented the various homes I have lived in and imagined. The images in my video are layers of film, paint, projections, video, text and digital processing. They include symbols of my multiple ancestral homes and the processes by which I connect to these homes, and continue to create home(s). This work is my expression of the multiplicity of home, and how we can create a sense of home beyond our physical surroundings.”

Home(s) by Mimo Mukii
About Mimo Mukii

Mimo Mukii is an emerging filmmaker, producer and artist. They have produced short films, web series, community television and events. Mimo’s artistic practice utilises video, photography and collage to tell stories and reflect on culture, identity and ancestry. They have had collage and photographic work in Next In Colour Zine, F*EMS Zine and Cluster Zine, and video work screened at the Emerging Writers Festival.

Mimo was a participant in the 2018 Emerging Cultural Leaders Program at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, where they developed I SEE YOU, an online platform to discuss and showcase screen media from Africa and the diaspora. As I SEE YOU, Mimo hosted multiple screenings of retrospective films from Africa in 2019 and early 2020.

Instagram: @mimomukii

Home(s) by Mimo Mukii is created for Shelter 2020. Music by Douglas McDowell.

Featured Image 
Home(s) Still Image – Mimo Mukii