Home, tomorrow by Ruhi Lee


“This lyric essay was inspired by the idea of re-imagining home. It found it’s form as I asked myself over and over again, “What is home, really?” and “Why?”

My first response was the most obvious, that is, the structure in which I live. I then considered the larger context of home. Whenever I’ve travelled overseas, I’ve longed to return home to Australia. But then, whenever I’ve visited my motherland, India, I’ve felt a visceral sense of belonging in the country I was born in. Both experiences have been different and yet both have fallen short of offering me and other people around me a real sense of safety and well being, like one would expect of a home.

Ultimately, I concluded that for me, home is not static as we live in a rapidly changing world. I can only hope that over time, it will morph to the benefit of our exploited environment and those who have been displaced by unfettered capitalism, colonialism and violence.”

Home, tomorrow by Ruhi Lee


Ruhi is grateful to the traditional owners of Boon Wurrung land where she writes everyday.

Her book, Good Indian Daughter, is coming out in 2021 (Affirm Press). In 2019, her manuscript was shortlisted for the Penguin Random House Write It Fellowship and earned her a place in the final round of the national Hard Copy program in 2019, run by the ACT Writers Centre. She was also recipient of the Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund last year.

Ruhi’s writing has been published in The Guardian, ABC Life, SBS Voices, WILD Magazine, The Big Issue and Kidspot.

Though she is known as the wordsmith in her family, the words she is most proud of are those spoken by her two year old daughter; an avid viewer of cooking shows who, since reading a book on body safety has been going around informing people that, “Jamie Oliver has a penis.”

Instagram: @lee_ruhi

Home, tomorrow by Ruhi Lee is created for Shelter 2020.

Featured image credit: courtesy the artist.