Global Connect

Art enables us to learn about each other in creative and expressive ways that contribute significantly to greater understanding and respect for each other. Culture has a vital role to play in international relations and is the means by which we come to understand others and enables us to appreciate points of commonality and, where there are differences, to understand the motivations and humanity that underlie them.

Many diverse cultures and religions make up our Australian society and Multicultural Arts Victoria has seen first-hand the importance and power of the diaspora. Diaspora engagement is about making deeper connections with the global community and strong relationship building. MAV is working collaboratively with our local artists and overseas partners to grow our international impact and opportunities for Victorian artists to take our cultural products and services to the world. Multicultural Arts Victoria works to ensure international pathways are created for our diaspora artists.

International arts exchange is fundamental to the Australian Creative Industries because it creates an environment for genuine dialogue and fosters tolerance of diverse cultures within our own country. Valuable cultural exchange is mutual and offers the opportunity for a deeper and prolonged commitment between artists and encourages greater cultural understanding

Global connect strengthens our deep and broad relationships internationally at every level. These links are social and cultural as much as they are political and economic. Improving people-to-people links can unlock large economic and social gains for the community.

Mapping Melbourne is a key program platform for strengthening arts networks between contemporary independent artists across the Asian region, building connections and establishing collaborative ongoing relationships, and presenting challenging work.

MAV has worked with many Victorian artists and communities to connect globally profiling Australia and Victoria’s strong multicultural policies and society through our multicultural arts community