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What is home really? | Shelter Watch Party

November 5, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


MAV is offering a unique opportunity to hear from, connect and converse with some of the amazing artists who created works for Shelter with a series of watch parties streaming live on  MAV’s YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.

The second watch party on November 5 will be hosted by Rachel Ang and feature visual art and video works created by Rachel, Mimo Mukii and Marla Celeste, and a live reading by Ruhi Lee.

These four artists will explore the theme What is home really? during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is home really as the boundaries between public and private spaces collapse;  how do we experience home and find belonging in a rapidly changing world?


Thu 5 Nov 2020
Starts at 6pm

What is home really? is an online live event and will be live streamed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To watch the live stream on Facebook or Instagram:
Please like and follow MAV on Facebook and/or Instagram, and you will be notified when the live stream starts on Facebook and/or Instagram. Or you can visit our Facebook and/ or Instagram page on 5 Nov at 6pm.

To watch the live stream on YouTube:
Please visit MAV’s YouTube channel on 5 Nov at 6pm.


“Yellow in the Blue is a graphic essay about the home as a charged space where public and private, work and life, safety and danger, have all been completely collapsed.

Home may have once represented safety, security and love. But under COVID-19, it has now become a much more contested territory for us all.

I’m proud to be part of MAV’s Shelter program, and I’m excited to draw on my backgrounds in Art, Architecture and comics to contribute to this timely, pertinent dialogue.”

View Yellow in the Blue here

Image credit: From Yellow in the Blue by Rachel Ang


““Home(s)” is a response to the idea of reimagining home, and it explores the notion of feeling a sense of home in multiple places and with multiple people. Home as I experience it is physical, digital, singular, plural, abstract, concrete, in myself, and in others.

I began the process of creating this work by compiling archival material from my own collection of work and documentation that represented the various homes I have lived in and imagined. The images in my video are layers of film, paint, projections, video, text and digital processing. They include symbols of my multiple ancestral homes and the processes by which I connect to these homes, and continue to create home(s). This work is my expression of the multiplicity of home, and how we can create a sense of home beyond our physical surroundings.”

Watch Home(s) here

Image credit: Home(s) Still Image – Mimo Mukii


“My definition of “home” has always been less grounded in physical places so much as through more abstract signifiers; plant species, birdsong, flavours of comfort foods and familiar slang. I spent just over four years living in South America before abruptly evacuating from my home in Lima, Peru to Australia in the midst of the pandemic.

This new piece was created in response to the prompt of “reimagining home” – a lens through which to process all that has been happening to us societally and to myself personally, as well as to grapple with the immense privilege I hold as an Australian now that I find myself in an almost unrecognisable new Australia.”

Watch mi gudú, here

Image credit: Family photo courtesy of the artist.


“This lyric essay was inspired by the idea of re-imagining home. It found it’s form as I asked myself over and over again, “What is home, really?” and “Why?”

Ultimately, I concluded that for me, home is not static as we live in a rapidly changing world. I can only hope that over time, it will morph to the benefit of our exploited environment and those who have been displaced by unfettered capitalism, colonialism and violence.”

Read Home, tomorrow here

Image credit: Courtesy the artist.


November 5, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm