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Submerged | Mimi Leung x Ree

February 25 - April 26


Submerged is a new collaborative exhibition commissioned by MAV, featuring digital artworks by two women of colour living in the regional Victorian town of Shepparton, Mimi Leung and Ree.

Submerged explores themes of identity, representation, race, and acceptance through the lens of female body as subject. The artists’ depictions of the yellow, brown, and black body, challenge stereotypes and assert agency and power.

Submerged presents two unique responses to the experience of being ‘othered’ as women of colour, and the importance of defining your own value. For Mimi Leung, this is about grappling with an internal struggle with her body, and her attempts to break free of expectations from self and society. Ree’s works on the other hand, look to external representations of the physical body to reconsider white beauty standards, by centering Afrocentric beauty and solidarity.

Submerged is one of several creative responses MAV has initiated during the COVID19 pandemic, providing artists with support and resources to develop their practice and to experiment with new modes of collaboration and delivery in a digital context. The project has included a mentoring collaboration with curator and arts writer Sophia Cai, to strengthen the artists’ skills in writing about their artistic practices from the context of their own lived experiences.

MAV CEO, Veronica Pardo says, “This project is part of MAV’s new strategy, which not only responds to the challenges of this COVID time in amplifying the voices of people of colour but also expands our understanding of diverse lived experiences as a way of grappling with contemporary perspectives on Victorian multiculturalism, which are at once rich, complex and indefinite.

Click on each artwork to view the exhibitions.

Mimi Leung was born in Hong Kong, grew up in England and now lives in regional Australia. Her work explores identity, belonging and uses art to understand and transcend the mundanity of daily life. Her body of work for Submerged is about growing up as a ‘yellow’ woman, and coming to terms with her lived experiences that have been constantly denied or rejected within a predominantly white context. A central theme of this work is motherhood, and the way her thinking has shifted through seeing her own children move through similar spaces.

Image credit: Time Machine by Mimi Leung.


Ree Peric is a 19 year old, Fijian-Croatian artist living and working on the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta people. Born in Australia, she grew up in Uganda before moving back to Shepparton in late 2014. Ree works across various mediums including visual art, performance, song-writing and music production. She has created a series of drawings of black and brown female bodies that celebrate the natural body in all forms, colours and sizes. In doing so, she wants to express the importance of women of colour being understood and respected in their own nature.

Image credit: Her by Ree.


The Submerged Exhibition launched on the MAV website on Thu 25 Feb 2021, 6pm.

The launch included a first showing of the works and the artists Mimi Leung and Ree live in conversation with Sophia Cai.

You can catch the conversation here:

Submerged is supported by Greater Shepparton City Council, Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria.


February 25
April 26