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Big Bao presents: Medium Spicy 2

January 28 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Medium Spicy 2 is presented by Asian-Australian artist collective Big Bao. A second iteration of Medium Spicy 2019, this virtual project pairs 3 sound artists with 3 visual artists to create a series of works bringing together the richness of the Asian-Australian creative experience.

“In this project, we want to be able to give audiences the chance to share a contemporary understanding of Asian-Australian community with us, beyond the red bean cakes and straw mat gatherings portrayed in stereotyped understandings of Asian diaspora. As migrants and children of migrants, these contemporary understandings start within our personal worlds and move beyond them, into our families, communities, double identities and ancestors.

We hope that Medium Spicy 2 can be a way to share these feelings and moods.”

Watch the premiere of Big Bao presents: Medium Spicy 2 at the online live event on Thu 28 Jan, 7pm on Facebook and YouTube. The event, hosted by Adolfo Aranjuez, will include a conversation with the artists about their work.

This event is a double bill premiere and will also feature the work, Time Series and conversations with Liminal.

The new work, Medium Spicy 2, and the online event will be available to watch on this page from 28 Jan.

Thu 28 Jan 2021
Starts at 7pm

Please note, this is an online live event and will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

To watch the live event on Facebook:
Please like and follow MAV on Facebook, and you will be notified when the live stream starts on Facebook. Or you can visit our Facebook page on 28 Jan at 7pm.

To watch the live event on YouTube:
Please visit MAV’s YouTube channel on 28 Jan at 7pm.

Image credit:黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma). Photo by Jane Inyang.

Sound Artist

黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma) is a sound artist based on Ngunawal, Ngunnawal, and Ngambri Country. A master of building emotion and narrative in her sets, 黑芝麻 weaves spoken word, poetry, and film samples into breakbeat, techno, trance, and jungle. She draws on topics of cultural identity and belonging, environmentalism, and sensuality.

Her approach to DJ and production has developed through FBi Dance Class 2019 and more recently in Wǒ-in-process (Wǒ[我]: I, me): Creative Development Project at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, exploring Chinese diaspora in a postcolonial and cross-cultural context. Her other current project includes producing ambient soundscapes for #Water_Voices.

Soundcloud: 黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma)
Instagram: @elyshiaweatherby

Image credit: SydFarey, courtesy the artist.

Video Artist

Farey is motivated by the beauty in the mundane. Her art practice unites a complex range of often contradictory references from her life and experiences. Her artistic perspectives are informed by many years spent living abroad in China, the United States and Australia as a third culture kid. Her work draws together elements of western and eastern cultures and cross-cultural communication with a focus on personal narratives inspired by her family history and their shared experiences. She brings together elements of traditional and modern calligraphy, text and drawing to provide insight into the intimacies of her experiences. A keen observer of the world and her relationship with it, Farey finds beauty in the ordinary. Her subjects and objects are captured in moments untethered by context, as she attempts to reframe them to provide new ways of appreciating and understanding them.

Instagram: @sydfarey

Image credit: Ali Adriano. Photo by Bonita Carzino.

Sound Artist

Ali Adriano is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary Artist/Creative – formally trained in acting and filmmaking, and self-taught bedroom producer/singer. She is a true lover of all things cinema, whether it be performance, visual or sound and likes to keep herself fluid between all elements. With her self-directed work, Ali hopes to emanate what feels like “the beach, late at night”.

Spotify: Ali Adriano

Image credit: Tavis Pinnington. Photo by Mikey Whyte.

Video Artist

Originally from the suburbs of Hobart, Tavis Pinnington relocated to Melbourne in 2013 to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University and pursue a career in filmmaking. After completion, Tavis worked around Melbourne as a camera assistant and in the lighting department for a few years before breaking into cinematography. His cinematography work includes a broad range of areas across commercial and music videos but as of late, has started to focus his areas into narrative and documentary form.

Being of mixed heritage (Filippino/Australian), Tavis actively pursues projects that offer a diverse range of storytelling both in front of and behind the camera, aiming to bring more minority stories to a bigger audience.


Image credit: Michelle Nguyen, courtesy the artist.

Sound Artist

Michelle Nguyen is a Naarm/Melbourne-based sound artist creating works that range from experimental sound design through to dance music and installations. With a focus on computer music, Michelle has performed at Hibernation Noise Massive Festival, Make It Up Club events, and has had electroacoustic work presented in sound galleries at Tilde New Music and Sound Art Festival and BIFEM. They have also built interactive A/V installations for many nightclub events and outdoor music festivals. After completing a Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition) in 2018, Michelle has since been writing electronic music and incorporating elements of ambient, psychedelic, experimental, and noise music to create their soundscapes.


Image credit: Grace Quiason, courtesy the artist.

Video Artist

Grace is a Naarm/Melbourne-based emerging videomaker and director, who recently completed graduate study in Screen and Cultural Studies. She is currently interested in working with experimental film/image making through analogue processes, glitch, and remix.

Out of this World by Grace Quiason
Artificial Impression by Grace Quiason & Michelle Nguyen

Image credit: Big Bao, photo by Lee Hannah.


Big Bao is a collective comprised of Angela Schilling (Oliver White/Take Your Time/DJ Cookie), Vivan Vo (Small FRY) and Yeo Choong (Yeo). Big Bao produces events and parties that highlights the work of people of colour and women. Curated by three Asian-Australian music industry representatives, Big Bao aims to highlight the importance of visibility and diversity within the music community through providing a platform for Asian-Australian artists. Through creating a safe space for Asian-Australian artists and audiences, our key demographic are Asian-Australian young people, especially those who look to the music scene for representation and support.


Facebook: Big Bao Club
Instagram: @bigbaoclub

Big Bao presents: Medium Spicy 2 is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Featured image credit: 黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma). Photo by Jane Inyang.




January 28
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm