Connected by Tina Tang


“Connected is a series of illustrations that document moments of solidarity I have experienced and witnessed during the events of hard lockdown.

Each drawing showcases the efforts put in by the Melbourne community, friends and family in helping and showcasing their love for tower residents unable to leave their homes.

Their support played a significant role in helping me get through the lockdown, keeping me motivated and high spirited despite the difficult situation.”

Connected by Tina Tang

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All above artworks by Tina Tang;
1. We Love You
2. Friends
3. Delivery
4. Family
5. Community


Tina Tang is an aspiring graphic designer based in Melbourne, Victoria. She is currently enrolled at The University of Melbourne undertaking a bachelors in design.

Whilst studying she works as a freelance artist, specializing in stylized illustrations of people and characters.

Instagram: @tinntan_

Connected by Tina Tang is created for Shelter 2.

Shelter 2 is proudly supported by VicHealth, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts.