Cada Hogar es un Mundo by Arun Munoz


Cada Hogar Es Un Mundo (Each Home Is A World Of Its Own)
Positive Adaptation During Times of COVID-19

This is the first stage of a long-term project about how transgender and gender-diverse people have positively adapted to self/social isolation imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The daily challenges for ‘normal’ coexistence are enormous for everyone, and even more so for the transgender community. This community has needed to adapt to a new reality of job losses, home-schooling, uncertainty and dislocation in a way that intersects intimately with the discourse around identity, rights and visibility.

Through this work, I wanted to engage in a dialogue about life during and after COVID-19: to understand how the transgender community feel, act, adapt and cope in such challenging times. Their trust was incredible. Opening their homes for me to capture a glimpse of who they are, and their willingness to talk about their lives, was an act of pure generosity. I hope the images do justice to their personal strength, genius and hope for the future.

Heartfelt thanks to the sitters: Alex, Sage (Wergaia Country), Myah, (Wergaia Country) Sheree (Wergaia Country), Sebastian, Xander, Sharon, Markus, Bear and Gabby.”

Cada Hogar es un Mundo
(Every Home Is A World Of Its Own)
By Arun Munoz

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All above photographs by Arun Munoz.
Assistant Director – Pamela Kleemann-Passi.

About Arun Munoz

Arun Munoz trained in classical ballet, Bharata Natyam and Odissi and was a founding member of Bharatam Dance Company. He worked for over two decades as a principal dancer, rehearsal master, vocalist and teacher of classical Indian dance, touring nationally and internationally.

In 1993 Arun shifted practice into contemporary choreography and was awarded one of six Emerging Choreographic Fellowships to develop his new work. He has created a number of independent works addressing social, political and cultural concerns. His work crosses a number of artform and cultural boundaries and he has collaborated with a number of established artists including John Bell, David Fenton, Anna Broinowskvi, Marcus Gilesiu and Bell Shakespeare Company.

He was awarded an Australian Choreographic Centre Fellowship and was selected as one of seven Australian choreographers to take part in the New Moves International Choreographic Laboratory at the Adelaide Festival and Glasgow New Moves Festival.

He spent the next 12 years in Europe and came back to Australia to study photography, specialising in portraiture and performing arts.

He has a Post Graduate in Choreography from the Victorian College of the Arts and continues his creative works in photography, installation and performance.
Instagram: @arunmunoz

Image credit: Arun Munoz. Photo by Patrick Rodriguez.

Cada Hogar es un Mundo (Each Home Is A World Of Its Own)  by Arun Munoz is created for Shelter 2020.

Image credit: Arun Munoz. Photo by Patrick Rodriguez.