5 Days

by Jun Kiyoshi


“I have published an art piece generated by computer programming along with the source code on my blog and social networking sites every day. There are over 1,300 of them published.

5 Days is a mix of 4 days’ worth of results, mixed with image processing to create the day’s product. The red sphere symbolizes the ‘circle of the sun’ of Japan. It rises every day in a never-ending cycle.”

5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi

Jun Kiyoshi – Generative Art and Coding
www.zapsplat.com – Sound Effects

Image credit: Jun Kiyoshi, courtesy the artist.

ABOUT Jun Kiyoshi

Jun Kiyoshi is a software developer and a generative art lover who lives in Nagoya, Japan.

In 2017, he started to generate images and videos through programming – creative coding as a hobby. He uploads his work to Twitter and Instagram every day and has been posting for over 3 years with the idea of “Wouldn’t this blog be useful if you could see the generated results and the source code at the same time?”.

He hopes that these coding ideas could help someone someday.


Instagram: @kiyoshinakauchi
Twitter: @junkiyoshi

5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi is presented as part of ToA Connect and Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Featured image credit: 5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi.